Great #CWG2014 for home nations so far,behind every team there is the support staff @sportscotland @sport_wales @SINIcouk #teambehindtheteam

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The #EIS has so far worked with 74% @weRengland 27% @Team_Scotland & 27% @TeamWales #CWG2014 medallists

8 hours ago

Maximal running velocity is achieved between 5 and 7 metres in front of vaulting table for handspring vaults #EIS #Stat #Gymnastics

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Performance Nutrition

Performance Nutrition


Our Goal

To become the World’s Leading Performance Nutrition Service

Our Mission

Using nutrition science we will work with coaches and athletes to solve their performance questions. We will work with the coach, athlete and multi-disciplinary team to provide the athlete with more time to train, make that training more effective and support them to get more out of their performance. We will do this by focusing our Performance Nutrition service on developing solutions, injury and illness prevention, training adaptation and competition performance.

What is it we do?

Our practitioners are fully integrated within the sports they work with. This allows them to work closely with the coach and the other members of the support team to understand the sport and its performance needs. Practitioners work with athletes in a number of different ways to change behaviour and enhance performance, including one on one consultations, training support and education.


The UK Talent Team combines EIS and UK Sport expertise to identify world class talent.

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Research and Development enables the EIS to identify where technology can impact positively.


The EIS delivers on average 4000 hours of Sport Science and Medicine each week