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Physiotherapy and Soft tissue therapy

Physiotherapy and Soft tissue therapy

Physiotherapy aids injury prevention and assists in the rehabilitation of athletes back to normal performance levels. In terms of injury prevention, a physiotherapist will work closely with an athlete to make sure they are in a better position to avoid recurring injuries - helping them to identify the tell-tale signs and to introduce exercises to address the problem earlier.

A physiotherapist does not work in isolation but relies on the expertise of the coach, the strength and conditioning coach and the sports doctor. Through teamwork, an agreement is reached in the short, medium and ultimate long term goal and what support package is required to attain those goals.

Athlete treatment can take place at the training and/or competition venue i.e. the side of the track, pool, court or in a spealist treatment suite and rehabilitation gym.

Soft tissue therapy is the treatment of soft tissue structures during training, competition and injury aiding recovery, helping in the prevention of injuries and being heavily involved in prehabilitiation.

Soft tissue therapy is a speciality in its own right, although many physiotherapists and doctors, to some extent, can offer therapy, but specialist soft tissue therapists offer a very skillful service.

EIS soft tissue therapists perform targeted and effective soft tissue techniques and work in a interdisciplinary way with sports physiotherapists and sports doctors. They pass on thoughts and ideas with regard to the treatment and feel of soft tissue structures in our athletes.


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